Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bullshit, Purveyor of Progress! A Night With the Politically Affluent..kinda

Fuck IHOP. I'm not going to lie, I didn't even go. There is no way I'm waiting 45 minutes for three pancakes. That just isn't an option. Though, what was interesting was that there were 15 cop cars parked in front of the Bowie IHOP at 3:35 pm that Tuesday. I was with Lance and we just looked at each other and said "fuck that." And that's how I feel, fuck that. The blue and white building was spilling dark bodies left and right. Not even the baddest "munchies" would have made me stay. Though I'm pretty sure that Louis went to a different IHOP later that night.

On the 26th we went to Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker's campaign fundraiser. Our exact reason for going is still a little..enigmatic to say the least but let me just share my experience as it happened

As me and Louis drive into the Hilton parking lot we pass a row Lexus's and other not *too* expensive cars. Already I can tell we are going to be meeting important people, but not *too* important people, but then again this is only a campaign fundraiser. We walk into the hotel and I begin to ask myself "what exactly am I doing here?" only to be marginally reassured by Louis that were here to take pictures for Mr. Baker and I am the journalist and that this is for the blog. I hope my young Mr. Rogers looking ensamble of a suit/sweater will do me justice. I thought to my self "Okay at least Louis has a reason for being here, now what am I going to do? Should I subtly pull out my notepad and write something ambiguous, just so they think I'm doing something. Also, how much of a tool do I look like. Oh wait its okay, just look at Louis" Its been about half an hour and I've already been introduced to the soon to be executive Rushern Baker, his wife, and some other people whose names I have already forgotten. Here I am, pouring a cup of trail mix down my throat and I've yet to figure it out. Then Mr. Baker begins to start a speech. He talks about how P.G County is at a crossroads, and about green technology, and how earnest he is about taking your money to fund his campaign. I chuckled under my breath. Though to be honest Baker, and all the other "politico's" here were not as pretentious as I assumed, they were...."chill" for the most part. I still detected a thin whisp of bullshit in the room, but I realized that of course you have to talk some BS, this guy is trying to get your money to fund his campaign. And im not saying this is a good or bad thing, its just a part of raising money. We all bullshit when were trying to get bread. At work, at school, with our parents, or whomever. We fake the smile, we compliment etc. etc. That's just life. This function also compacted my indifference toward politics, but that will be a whole other post in itself. Anyways I think to myself these people seem earnest, or is that just an illusion, like most things. Smooth jazz plays in the background. Now this seems pretentious. But i feel these are alright people with honest intentions, and are not like the archaic politicians we know. The food was mediocre for a political thing, but I wasn't complaining. Eggrolls and empanadas of some sort. Four different sauces: duck sauce, salsa, guac, and sour cream. Not bad, not bad I said. Also, Chris Wallace found an uncomfortably long strand of hair in his cake. Hmmmm.
So 2 hours and 13 business cards later, I extract my pea-coat from the plethora of fur and pea coats from the coat rack ( no north faces here), and we depart.

-Patrick S. Galloway

Last night I went to the Bowie Center For Performing Arts and saw the senior production "All Shook Up". And earlier this morning I went to go see Gomorra, this new italian film. the next post will be some thoughts on both productions.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello Everyone.

We are Patrick and louis. We're two young adults from the Washington D.C area. We're going to be bringing arts, fashion, eats, music, parties, theatre, social issues and an interesting perspective on modern young adult life from here, right inside, the nation's capital. This is a co-operative project between us to illustrate the most interesting aspects of our culture. our posts will revolve mainly around events that occur here in the D.C metropolitan area. Because we're both worldly dudes, this blog should be pretty interesting for the most of you. Keep your eyes and ears open as both of us document our travels, our experiences and our social lives here. we'll be posting pictures, music, reviews, interviews and more.

Today we went on a most picturesque nature hike.

Armed with cameras as our guns

we took on the enemies of nature

shooting and capturing the aesthetics of the outdoors.

Hunting for the meaning of beauty


It was good to get out today, to get outside as the sun came out and released its poignant glow.
nothing felt so good as to get out side of ourselves, to be away from working every morning, to escape the grasps of school and going to class everyday. I needed to let my brain cells recover, especially after this long, long week.
- Louis

In the dead of winter, life is still to be found. Vines and mushrooms survive, and the water still runs wide. This walk was somehow pale and vibrant, it was quite nice. It is nice to be able to step outside of yourself and merely be. Taking pictures of life as it is, bare and free, and full of life. Even when I walk through these woods alone, I am never alone. The trees and creatures provide enough company for one soul. Louis and I babbled about random things, and about the nature of this new project. We will see in time, how huge this is going to be. You will see. oh, you will see.

all photos in this entry copyright to Patrick Galloway and Louis Atounah

LOOK OUT FOR TUESDAY: We're attacking IHOP. Free Pancakes all day. We will be taking pictures and reviewing not only the food, but the people and our experience of it all.